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FREE Marketing Webinar Series Announced

The Women’s Business Center of NYS in partnership with local economic and business development organizations, presents a series of marketing seminars designed to help small businesses and nonprofit groups succeed in today’s technological world. “Marketing 101” focuses on the website and quality content as the cornerstones of a good marketing strategy; and further demonstrates how to use free online tools to drive qualified website traffic using email and social media.

Marketing a new or established business can seem like a daunting task to many owners and managers, but it’s an important part of any successful business strategy. “Marketing 101” is a live marketing series for new, small or medium-sized businesses and nonprofits to learn how to effectively market themselves in the 21st Century.

Participants will learn how to spend as little as 3 hours per week and effectively advertise a product or service to a highly-targeted local or regional audience. They will discover how to use free modern tools to connect with a qualified audience that already needs their product or service; gain valuable insight into lead development, and learn how to turn a prospect into a follower, followers into customers, and customers into raving fans.

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Marketing Strategy for SMBs and Nonprofits

Learn about current marketing trends and develop a marketing strategy for your business, group or nonprofit organization to compete in the 21st Century Marketplace. Understand the importance of the website serving as your marketing cornerstone and how you can use free online tools to drive qualified traffic.

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Website Strategy and Management

Learn how to optimize your existing website…or simply build a new one! From choosing a domain name and the right platform, to content, security and search engine optimization, this seminar provides a series of steps and action items necessary to build, manage and maintain a website.

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Email Marketing 101

Design and launch an email marketing campaign in one day. Participants will learn how to build a contact list and how to create content to effectively communicate with leads, prospects, customers and volunteers. Attendees will see a side-by-side comparison of Constant Contact and Mailchimp, two of the leading email marketing platforms.

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Facebook for Business

Learn how to start, optimize and manage a Facebook Page for your business, organization or group. Facebook continues to provide a consistently strong return on investment for marketing businesses of all sizes. For new and small businesses, Facebook can provide an inexpensive entry into advertising.

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Facebook Ads Manager

Learn to use the same robust marketing tool that the agencies use! Take control of your marketing budget and use it for effectively marketing to a highly-qualified audience of Facebook Users. This class is recommended for those ready to budget $150 – $300 per month in Facebook advertising costs.

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About the Presenter

Marketing 101 Seminars are a collaboration between the Women’s Business Center and local economic and business development organizations, and are presented by veteran marketing consultant Scott Mathias of Mathias Marketing located in New Hartford and Albany, NY.

Scott is a trusted resource for the Women’s Business Center of NYS and several chambers of commerce, SCORE chapters, SBDCs and economic development agencies across central New York. Scott has experience marketing in every major business sector over his 25 year career and has a talent for teaching and explaining modern technological tools into layperson’s terms.