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Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media

This past Monday evening, eighteen of us attended “Getting Started with Constant Contact” .  We had a great presenter, Scott Mathias, who is the authorized local expert for Constant Contact. Scott is a very energetic, easy to understand presenter.  We all learned so much about email marketing and even some hints about Social Media.  He gave us the steps and short cuts on how to get our Email Marketing up and running. Also how to build our client listings.

Our next session with Scott will be on June 22nd. Scott will help us with Growing our businesses with Email and Social Media.  Check the calendar of events and get all the details.  It’s FREE!

We’ve found an expert in this field and we will be doing a series of these workshops in the upcoming weeks. So check back for more details and dates!  You don’t want to be left out!  At the end of each workshop Scott gives us a special offer!