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Consider Facebook for Your Business or Group

by Scott Mathias, Mathias Marketing / Presenter of Facebook for Business

Make a Small Investment in Your Business

Almost 80% of Americans use Facebook at least once per week. More than 60% check it everyday! Despite recent issues at Facebook, it’s hard for the average person to quit their account. The platform has become a part of our lives providing us with unprecedented immediate knowledge of things happening in the world around us and a way to keep up with family and friends without having to lift the phone, write a letter or print a picture. While some say that the old ways of communicating are what’s missing in today’s society, I contend that technological advances like Facebook and other social media devices have actually gone a long way in keeping people connected…especially as the miles of separation increase.

There is no denying the impact Facebook can have on a small business or nonprofit organization. Everyday, millions of people check their news feed giving advertisers narrow windows of opportunity to make an impression. With a well-optimized Facebook page and the ability to devote a few hours per week in it’s management, your business or group can connect with an audience who already needs or is looking for your product or service!

Time is money! Every hour you spend in growing your business should be weighed against its potential return on investment. The time you dedicate to building your online presence, specifically in social media channels, will provide you with a stream of qualified leads, new customers and more opportunities to grow your business.

I encourage you to make a small investment in your business by learning how to properly build a Facebook Page and then dedicate as little as 2-3 hours per week in it’s management. Our upcoming seminar, Facebook for Business, will give you all the knowledge you need, empower you to take action, and help you plan your weekly marketing activities.

Facebook for Business is coming up in Utica on Thursday, October 4th and will be repeated in Watertown and Lowville on November 27th. Albany and Binghamton dates are coming soon!

Looking forward to helping YOU grow your business or group!